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October 17, 2017

Meth Mouth: A State of Decay with Ronni Brown DDS

Meth Mouth: A State of Decay with Ronni Brown DDS

Methamphetamine, a highly potent stimulant, is the second-most-widely abused illegal drug in the world. Unlike other illegal drugs, methamphetamine adversely affects the oral health of users, causing a condition known as “meth mouth” with rampant decay, xerostomia and bruxism. With use rising to epidemic proportions, it is imperative that our nation’s dentists understand the causes, diagnosis and treatment of meth mouth in order to respond to this public health crisis. Participants will learn how to recognize the signs of methamphetamine use and how to diagnose meth mouth. Dr. Brown will lead a dynamic discussion of the practical treatment strategies that can be utilized by the entire dental team and the realistic challenges in treating methamphetamine users.

2 CEUs

Start: October 17, 2017
End: October 17, 2017
Venue: TorNino’s
Phone: (559) 222-2453
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5080 N. Blackstone Ave., Fresno, CA, United States, 93710
Cost: $55 member
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